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  • What is Software Licensing?
    Fierce competition, the cloud and virtualization are all driving the need for application producers to adopt new software licensing strategies that better meet their enterprise customers' needs. The right software licensing and entitlement management solution will empower producers to combat software piracy and increase revenues by easily enabling new software monetization, licensing, pricing and packaging models.
  • The Importance of Software Licensing in the Internet of Things
    The Internet of Things has certainly changed our approach to global markets. The way we gather information, stay connected and make purchases has changed over the last 20 years as the Internet makes the world grow smaller. Likewise, we continue to accumulate additional connected devices and want optimal performance from each.
  • How to Grow a Software Business
    Software companies are like elevator shafts. They need to get past the highest ceiling in order to grow another floor. Maybe it happens once you've got $15 million in revenue. Or perhaps the breaking point is slightly later. But the ceiling is always a specific rage of revenue or number of employees. This is because, in order to break through a ceiling, you have to change how your software is priced, packaged, and delivered.
  • Microsoft Cloud Looking to Increase Cloud Adoption After XP End-of-Life
    Auriga Consulting Ltd, a consultancy group specializing in data management, information assurance, corporate governance, business process modeling, analysis, ICT and security in the U.K., recently pointed out that the software licensing model of the XP can potentially be responsible for higher migration rates to the cloud.
  • Protecting Hardware from 'Heartbleed' and Other Bugs with Automatic Software, Firmware Patches
    Although the Heartbleed bug was discovered only recently, the mistake that allowed hackers to exploit this vulnerability was made by programmers on New Year's Eve of 2011. This mistake created an open door and, according to reports, everyone from the National Security Administration (NSA) to criminals took advantage of this flaw to break into personal and business systems to obtain classified information.
  • Software Piracy Moving Up on the Priority List in US
    Action is being sought against Chinese manufacturers for using unlicensed software to compete against manufacturers in the U.S. Louisiana and Oklahoma attorneys-general have blamed major producers in China of evading licensing fees, citing that there is an unjust advantage that does not promote fair competition.
  • A Changing Market Requires Adapting New Software Licensing Models
    Gone are the days when you had an office with 10 computers that were stationary, sitting on each desk. When you purchased software, you signed a licensing agreement that would allow you 10 sessions. It was pretty straight forward. In most cases, if you added an eleventh computer, you either extended the license or 10 out of 11 computers could use the software.
  • Flexera Improves Producer Suite to Simplify, Secure Licensing for Developers
    Application developers face a considerable challenge when they're trying to sell their product. With millions of apps currently available for sale on all platforms, getting recognized is as daunting as navigating the rules and regulations that are in place to protect your intellectual property and ensure that you get paid for your hard work.
  • Internet of Things Will Change How Products are Monetized
    Just as the Internet changed business in ways that most people did not initially predict, so too will the Internet of Things change business in ways that we are just starting to be understand. While it is plainly obvious that connecting every device to the Internet will improve things like reporting, one area of the Internet of Things that many have not considered is what it will do to manufacturing and product development.
  • Could Machiavellian Tactics Be Used to Combat Software Piracy?
    Software piracy is a global problem, both moral and financial in nature. Experts estimate that 42 percent of software worldwide is pirated, but Africa's rates are closer to 80 percent for pirated software. In Zimbabwe, that number is a whopping 92 percent.

Entitlement and Compliance Management

Talking Successful Software

  • Entitlement and Compliance Management: Talking Successful Software is a software licensing and entitlement management best practices resource for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers looking for innovative ways to increase revenues while decreasing operations costs and complexities.

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The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

Emerging Technology Analysis: Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Is the Key to Monetizing the Internet of Things
Per this new Gartner research report, "The 'Internet of Things' turns all hardware and appliance OEM vendors into software providers. Licensing and entitlement management technology serves as the key mechanism that enables these manufacturers to protect and monetize the embedded intellectual property running as software on these connected devices or the external software applications associated with them..." Download Infographic

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable... and Business Smart
Much of the focus in the software world is on building the applications. However, the software delivery experience for users across the world is the first impression and an important moment. Smooth downloads leave a good impression. Problem downloads leave a poor impression, even before the product is used...

Application Usage Management Survey

Application Usage Management Survey
Despite the massive growth and evolution of the enterprise software industry, independent software vendors (ISVs) have largely failed to implement automated software licensing and entitlement management systems across their product lines, and their failure to modernize is hurting business...

Software License Compliance Management: Optimizing Software Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Software License Compliance Management: Optimizing Software Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
Throughout this white paper we examine the pros and cons of traditional compliance management approaches, the impact technology has on compliance management...

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