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  • What is Software Licensing?
    Fierce competition, the cloud and virtualization are all driving the need for application producers to adopt new software licensing strategies that better meet their enterprise customers' needs. The right software licensing and entitlement management solution will empower producers to combat software piracy and increase revenues by easily enabling new software monetization, licensing, pricing and packaging models.
  • Seven Factors Driving Software Licensing and Entitlement
    Sometimes, the technical side of tech can be a bit opaque, but if one were to look at the tangible results from backend innovations the results are crystal clear. It is difficult for people to tie these business drivers back to the software licensing and entitlement from which they came.
  • Subscription Software Licensing Model Brings Added Revenue, Ongoing Sales Effort
    For anyone who has been near a computer in the last five years, it comes as no surprise that subscription-based licensing is on the rise among software developers. Moving to a subscription-based licensing model is not the end of it, however; shifting from a perpetual license model to a subscription model requires a drastically different way of doing business.
  • Phases of Software Licensing and What They Mean for Startup Growth
    There are many business cycles, but software as a service (SaaS) startups tend to go through two basic phases over the course of their healthy development-the Wildfire Phase and the Maturity Phase-according to the folks at Flexera Software. Neither phase is superior to the other nor is one more important than the other but differences during both phases can either make for unheard of success or simply spell doom for an SaaS company if the context of its growth is not fully understood.
  • Flexera Announces AdminStudio Suite 2014
    IT departments in many advanced businesses have long used application readiness procedures for preparing and testing enterprise applications before they are placed into use by employees companywide. They have standardized procedures that work for a range of traditional applications, but those procedures may not always work well with mobile applications because of the transient nature of mobile devices.
  • Agile Development and Software Licensing: What's the Link?
    The term "agile" by definition means to be "able to move quickly and easily." In terms of software, the idea of agile development simply means that approaches to software development help businesses respond to unpredictability. Basically, agile development is a different way of managing IT development teams and projects.
  • Concept Searching Joins Canada's Software Licensing Supply Arrangement
    Management software company Concept Searching has been approved by Canadian government bodies to deploy its products among its workforce.
  • Does the Internet of Things Have Right Focus?
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to result in some 50 billion connected devices and IoT solutions, which will total about $7.1 trillion by 2020.
  • Microsoft Announces the Global Availability of MPSA
    The global availability of information and communications technology (ICT) has increased the customer base for software companies, and addressing this market requires adapting some of the processes that are in place. During the recent Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), the company announced it is expanding to more countries with its Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA).
  • Flexera Obtains BMC's Technology Alliance Program Validation
    Flexera Software is a company that helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and the value they derive from their software by providing services such as software licensing management and software compliance, as well as installation and application packaging solutions.

Entitlement and Compliance Management

Talking Successful Software

  • Entitlement and Compliance Management: Talking Successful Software is a software licensing and entitlement management best practices resource for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers looking for innovative ways to increase revenues while decreasing operations costs and complexities.

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Virtualization, License Compliance and the Application Producer/Enterprise Relationship

Virtualization, License Compliance and the Application Producer/Enterprise Relationship
The relationship between software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers ("application producers") and their customers ("enterprises") has been a complicated one. On the one hand, application producers develop mission-critical applications critical to every facet of an enterprise's operations. Without software, the remarkable efficiency and cost reductions organizations have been able to achieve in recent decades simply wouldn’t be possible.

This white paper examines the pricing and licensing strategies that application producers have put into place and are planning, and the impact that this will have on the often--fraught application producer/enterprise relationship. Download Infographic

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

Emerging Technology Analysis: Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Is the Key to Monetizing the Internet of Things
Per this new Gartner research report, "The 'Internet of Things' turns all hardware and appliance OEM vendors into software providers. Licensing and entitlement management technology serves as the key mechanism that enables these manufacturers to protect and monetize the embedded intellectual property running as software on these connected devices or the external software applications associated with them..." Download Infographic

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable... and Business Smart
Much of the focus in the software world is on building the applications. However, the software delivery experience for users across the world is the first impression and an important moment. Smooth downloads leave a good impression. Problem downloads leave a poor impression, even before the product is used...

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