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  • What is Software Licensing?
    Fierce competition, the cloud and virtualization are all driving the need for application producers to adopt new software licensing strategies that better meet their enterprise customers' needs. The right software monetization solution will empower producers to combat software piracy and increase revenues by easily enabling new software monetization, licensing, pricing and packaging models.
  • Flexera Highlights Need for Software Licensing
    Software licensing can be a complicated issue. One of the biggest challenges is not making compliance part of a regular routine in an asset management program. Part of this can include establishing a clear and concise software policy, which should help employees understand the value of software and learn the difference between legal and illegal use, as well as pledge their commitment to the proper use of software.
  • Deutsche Post DHL Lawyer Advocates for Basic-language Software Licenses
    Deutsche Post DHL, the global shipping company synonymous with the red and yellow box vans and shipping containers, has a global base of approximately 480,000 employees. This means that it can afford to throw its weight around a bit. However, in the world of licensing, company executives still say they want to keep things simple and shy away from convoluted legal jargon.
  • Viglen Wins Major UK School Software Licensing Contract
    The British IT firm Viglen announced that it has become part of the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) education framework, allowing schools across the United Kingdom to easily license software.
  • Software Can Drive Incremental Revenue for Hardware Makers
    As anyone who owns a smartphone knows, the value of a device now comes just as much from the software running the device as the device itself. While the Nokia Lumia may have a killer camera and good hardware, for instance, it does not have the success of a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone because its app ecosystem as a Windows Phone is far more limited.
  • Algoweb and London Capital Group May Strike a Software Licensing Deal
    Algoweb, which develops technology for use in financial markets, may soon be entering into a software licensing agreement with spread betting and CFD provider London Capital Group (LCG).
  • Get the Most Out of Updating Licensed Software and Firmware
    Updating official software is not only expensive, but it's a hassle too. For software and firmware developers making this process as simple as possible is key, yet difficult. With the upcoming Internet of Things, where more devices than ever are expected to connect to and use the Internet for improved service, this inconvenience has the potential to evolve into a nightmare of updates and re-installations.
  • Certero Updates iAssetStudio Software Asset Management Solution
    Certero recently announced the latest release of its software asset management solution, AssetStudio version 5. The new version includes an improved user interface with a dashboard that gives quick access to graphs and reports and can be purchased under an SaaS plan.
  • New FlexNet Manager Suite Handles Cloud and On-Premises Software License Management
    Flexera Software recently announced the latest release of its FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. The solution will not only help enterprises and organizations better comply with software licensing requirements, but also optimize their licensing to dramatically reduce money wasted on unnecessary licenses.
  • Westpac Opposes Proposed Australian IT Licensing
    The Australian bank Westpac has testified to the government that a proposal in the country to license IT providers could hamper innovation, according to IT News.

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Talking Successful Software

  • Entitlement and Compliance Management: Talking Successful Software is a software licensing and entitlement management best practices resource for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers looking for innovative ways to increase revenues while decreasing operations costs and complexities.

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Virtualization, License Compliance and the Application Producer/Enterprise Relationship

Virtualization, License Compliance and the Application Producer/Enterprise Relationship
The relationship between software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers ("application producers") and their customers ("enterprises") has been a complicated one. On the one hand, application producers develop mission-critical applications critical to every facet of an enterprise's operations. Without software, the remarkable efficiency and cost reductions organizations have been able to achieve in recent decades simply wouldn’t be possible.

This white paper examines the pricing and licensing strategies that application producers have put into place and are planning, and the impact that this will have on the often--fraught application producer/enterprise relationship. Download Infographic

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

Emerging Technology Analysis: Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Is the Key to Monetizing the Internet of Things
Per this new Gartner research report, "The 'Internet of Things' turns all hardware and appliance OEM vendors into software providers. Licensing and entitlement management technology serves as the key mechanism that enables these manufacturers to protect and monetize the embedded intellectual property running as software on these connected devices or the external software applications associated with them..." Download Infographic

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable... and Business Smart
Much of the focus in the software world is on building the applications. However, the software delivery experience for users across the world is the first impression and an important moment. Smooth downloads leave a good impression. Problem downloads leave a poor impression, even before the product is used...

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