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Cisco Reworks Licensing Platform for UC Solutions to Cater to BYOD

August 31, 2012
By Miguel Leiva-Gomez, Software Licensing Contributor

Cisco Systems has just announced that it will modify its licensing agreements for unified communications products to cater to the newer spectrum of software applications that people are adopting within their companies. The revised licensing platform will include changes that will make licenses more software-oriented, as opposed to the device-oriented ones it has had in place until now. Before changes were applied, Cisco has been putting its UC solutions into Cisco IP phones, forcing its customers to purchase the phone in order to use the software in the first place.

Richard McLeod, senior director of worldwide partner collaboration sales at Cisco, said, "We're separating the software licensing from the hand telephone set. This historically has been tied together."

Cisco will re-shape its software offerings to offer three different solutions for customers based on their specific needs rather than on the phones that they purchase. It will work on smartphones and tablets, and even desktops and notebooks will be able to run it. Companies can specify policies on allowing employees to bring their self-purchased devices to work (BYOD), extending their flexibility and reducing costs significantly.

Robert De La Mora, senior director of UC platforms and endpoints at Cisco, said, "When it comes to employee collaboration, the 'go-to tools' are multiplying as the workspace is changing. Some employees will do the bulk of their work from behind a desk at a company headquarters; others split their time between the office and more on-the-go locales; still others need 'full mobility' with access to the best software collaboration offerings available so work can happen in coffee shops, airplanes, hotel rooms -- wherever."

The three needs he outlined will be addressed in Cisco's new software offerings: Jabber, WebEx Social and WebEx Conferencing. Along with this licensing platform, a number of features have already been released in a package known as "UC Release 9.0."

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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