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Flexera to Demonstrate How to Achieve Breakthrough Results with SAM and License Optimization Program

September 12, 2012
By Rachel Ramsey, Software Licensing Web Editor

Flexera Software is a provider of strategic solutions for application usage management. It helps application producers and their customers strategically manage application usage to achieve continuous compliance, optimized usage and maximized value. Flexera’s software license optimization resources help IT asset managers and IT procurement to better optimize software use, reduce software costs, and ensure license compliance with vendor license agreements.

Applications no longer just help a business, they run the business. Yet most companies lack a strategic solution for software license optimization—the ongoing process of optimizing the management of software assets throughout the software lifecycle. 

Software license optimization solutions, such as Flexera Software's FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises, represent the next-generation software asset management (SAM) solutions required to meet today's business challenges. Whether extending the value of your existing configuration management solution or other tools, such solutions reconcile the software license entitlements you have purchased with actual application installation and usage data. The result is unprecedented control of your software estate, providing the strategic solution needed to drive upwards of five percent to thirty percent savings in annual software spend.

The success of every software asset management and license optimization program hinges on delivering business value. But there are many challenges, such as poor SAM processes, lack of entitlement data, license complexity and de-centralized software procurement.

Flexera Software’s Global Consulting Services organization can help companies meet these challenges and deliver real business value. The company’s services help customers successfully implement or improve their SAM and license optimization program, move up the SAM Maturity Curve, and achieve the highest return on investment.

In an upcoming webinar, “Achieve Breakthrough Results with Your SAM and License Optimization Program,” Flexera will explore assessing the ROI for a SAM and license optimization program, SAM process maturity modeling and improvement, business and technical implementation, rationalization, reconciliation and optimization and value realization.

The webinar will be held Wednesday, September 19 at 10 a.m. in the United States and Thursday, September 20 at 10 a.m. in the United Kingdom.

Click here to register for the webinar.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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