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CrypKey Enables Developers to Include Automated Software Activation on Products

October 04, 2012

CrypKey, a provider of solutions for software license management, has designed new solutions that can enable developers to integrate automated software activation into their products, which in turn brings down manpower and improves customer satisfaction.

Barry Scneider, general manager sales at CrypKey said in a statement, “Automated activation can significantly reduce the time and expense associated with other licensing options, and also enhances the user-friendliness of software. Our flexible solutions allow developers to choose the best fit for their needs while ensuring that their software is adequately protected.”

Using CrypKey’s Casper series of automated activation solutions, users can track their activations with a complete reporting interface. Casper series include Casper eCommerce, Casper eRegister, Casper Hosting Solutions and Site Key Generator Library.

Casper eCommerce supposedly automates the processes of software license authorizations by verifying credit card purchase information. The solution ensures software license authorization via an automated credit card purchasing process.

The company explained that the new Casper eRegister and the Site Key Generator library are integrated with software registration technology, and each contains benefits and features suited for a variety of needs.

Casper eRegister makes use of serial numbers to enable automated Web-based software license verification and it can work around the clock without any human intervention. eTransfer reportedly facilitates CrypKey licenses to be moved from one computer to another via the Internet and all customer and product information can be exported to Microsoft (News - Alert) SQL Server.

Site Key Generator Library features the necessary tools needed for developing a customized licensing process to fit one’s company. Users can license using a link to their website and develop integration and links to other in-house software systems which results in tighter licensing control.

Recently, CrypKey started offering flexible licensing models and celebrates twenty years providing software protection and software licensing tools.

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