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Nlyte's Patented Technology Helps Intelligent Placement of Assets

October 08, 2012

Today's data centers are getting more complex and becoming more difficult to manage. Operational risks are greater, the environment is more dynamic and the challenges of managing the IT infrastructure have become more urgent. However, the rise of a new category of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions with integrated processes does sound promising for data center professionals. 

Nlyte Software, touted as an industry leader in DCIM, is right at the forefront to bring relief with predictive intelligence and management controls. It wants to ensure that all enterprises can take advantage of this capability to achieve smarter, more efficient and highly available data centers, according to officials.

To that end, it has created a patent licensing program, “Method and Apparatus for Managing Assets within a Datacenter,” whereby it will make available its U.S. Patent No. 7,765,286 issued in 2010 to any developer, vendor or company that is offering any DCIM solution.

“It represents an important opportunity for us to demonstrate our vision and the leadership seen in our IP, while ensuring broad market availability of the DCIM intelligence described within our U.S. Patent,” said Doug Sabella (News - Alert), CEO at Nlyte Software.

Thus, by signing a simple license agreement, companies and others can enjoy the benefits of intelligent asset placement technology and management controls. Nlyte's DCIM solutions allow a comparison of one or more data center parameters to determine the most appropriate placement of assets.

With companies being able to run their data centers like a business, Nlyte's patent will reportedly enable a management application to consider resource factors and other aspects required to o optimize asset placement in order to run the data center as efficiently possible.

Customers believe that the scope of DCIM goes beyond mere documenting the data center structure for it's about leveraging the vast knowledge available and using it to make intelligent decisions throughout the life-cycle of assets.

According to Sabella, “Intelligent asset placement is essential to fully optimize the data center throughout its usable lifespan.”

Data center professionals will be able to provide greater visibility and can control, report, predict and manage all physical data center assets, easily. In addition, new assets can be easily deployed, capacity for future growth can be planned, energy cost and risks reduced and operational efficiency increased.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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