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Developers at Anahata Can Select Preferred Operating System

March 14, 2013

Anahata Technologies has given freedom to its developers in terms of selecting operating systems. Developers at Anahata Technologies, a software organization based in Perth, Australia, are now free to select their favorite operating system while developing code for their cross platform Java applications.

Anahata offers application development consultancy with specialization in the analysis, design, deployment and assistance of economical, customizable software applications.

In a statement, Pablo Rodriguez Pina, co-founder and co-director at Anahata Technologies, said, “All our software is delivered using Java and JavaEE which are cross platform technologies. Any of the tools required for our Java development projects are either Java based and hence cross platform such as NetBeans IDE or GlassFish application or are explicitly bundled for Linux, Mac Os and Windows such as the MySQL database. We have adopted cloud based document storage and we are now operating system independent. By having developers working on different operating systems, we gain a better understanding of the compatibility of our products with different operating systems as the product is being developed.”

CentOS is utilized by Anahata for its server settings. Linux-based operating systems used by Anahata for its servers will now be used for desktop PCs. The company expects to augment its internal experience on a broader assortment of operating systems by shifting to Linux, therefore increasing its capability to offer experience-based recommendations to clients. Anahata also aims to acquire improved product compatibility know-how during the course of product development.

Apart from enhancing contentment among developers, the use of open source operating systems will decrease licensing expenses as they are available for free. The decision to support all operating systems will decrease the organization’s reliance on a specific operating system vendor/range.

Anahata desires to offer cross-platform solutions that are based on open standards and open source technology. These solutions will guarantee permanence, compatibility and protection over the lifetime of the applications and decreased upfront expenses.

As an Oracle (News - Alert) Certified Partner, Anahata offers customized software solutions based on Oracle, Java technology. As the organization is a listed MYOB developer associate, Anahata’s offerings can incorporate with any MYOB software package.

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