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Cloud License API in Safe Activation Service 3 Announced

September 19, 2013

Excel Software has recently introduced its Cloud License API in Safe Activation Service 3 for mobile app developers.

The Cloud License API consists of a small set of URL commands to activate, validate, release, restore and reset a software license. It also includes a PDF User Guide with reference information, tutorials and sample applications, as well as a working source code example that compiles for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Company officials explained that Cloud License supports any programming environment capable of sending a URL string and performing conditional logic on the returned response string, making it useable by any device or computer with Internet access,

Safe Activation, meanwhile, provides an online vendor login to configure licenses, manage data collected during activation, and assign serial numbers. Protected applications running on mobile devices communicate with a server in order to activate and validate the license.

Supported license types consist of product, time-limited, execution-limited, date-limited, floating and subscription licenses. A license, once activated, can be released, restored, reset or suspended.

The user interface and data collected during activation is controlled by the application developer.

The Cloud License API requires no software purchase, download or installation by the developer or application users. Developers only need to register a vendor account on Safe Activation Service 3, which starts at $45/month.

Cloud License for mobile devices can be used independently or with QuickLicense desktop application licenses. One serial number can manage licenses across diverse environments.

Once activated, additional features can be remotely enabled. The Internet based system aims to extend Excel Software’s protection and licensing solutions for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android (News - Alert) software to mobile devices.

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