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Flexera's InstallAnywhere 2013 Offers Broader Installation Support

October 21, 2013

Software license management solutions provider Flexera Software has introduced some major enhancements to its multiplatform installation development solution, InstallAnywhere. This latest update, dubbed InstallAnywhere 2013, is meant to help software vendors, intelligent device manufacturers and their customers support the latest operating systems, as well as better manage installations within complex physical, virtual and cloud-based environments.

This announcement comes shortly after Flexera unveiled its new FlexNet Manager system for Oracle, which works with the larger FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises platform to offer a better handle on Oracle (News - Alert) software licenses.

"Virtualization and the cloud continue to deliver a myriad of benefits for both application producers and their customers," said Maureen Polte, vice president of Product Management at Flexera Software, in a statement. "To accommodate both existing and emerging environments, producers must continue to support the physical configurations that many customers still need and want, while meeting the growing demand for delivering applications as cloud-based offerings. InstallAnywhere 2013 is the most sophisticated multi-platform installation solution, facilitating the support of the full range of environments in which today's applications are being deployed."

InstallAnywhere 2013 features a number of key enhancements. Starting with support, the offering now jives well with pure 64-bit installations, making it more compatible with Windows Server Core deployments, which often have 32-bit support disabled. Of course, InstallAnywhere 2013 also offers support for the latest versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

In terms of leveraging virtualization, this release includes several bundled virtual machines to simplify software evaluation as well as the deployment of complex, multi-tiered applications. It also allows developers and release engineers to build enterprise-ready virtual appliances directly from their own development and testing virtual machines.

Finally, InstallAnywhere 2013 allows producers to digitally sign Windows installations, bypassing misleading User Account Control (UAC) warnings, while its update user interface offers more intuitive navigation and improved performance.

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