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Ohio State University Signs Exclusive Worldwide Agreement with Signet Accel LLC

February 21, 2014

The Ohio State University recently announced that it is partnering with Signet Accel LLC, a new company form by Signet Enterprises. The company will be licensing a portfolio of Ohio State-developed software technologies designed to quicken the health care data sharing process around the globe.

This agreement between Ohio State and Signet Enterprises is projected to generate several million dollars in licensing fees during the life of the agreement, as well as equity for the university.

Signet Accel is a dynamic data integration, management and analytics company in the growing marketplace of big data healthcare analytics, and it provides technology solutions in a variety of healthcare and life sciences areas. The technology at the core of the company’s services is capable of analyzing complex, distributed healthcare data in a manner that is highly secure and protects the ownership and control of data at each site.

With Ohio State, Signet Accel aims to continue its focus on data analytics and to provide opportunities for students and researchers to further explore this ever-expanding field of healthcare data sharing.

In a statement, Philip R.O. Payne, chair of the department at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, said, “Our innovative technology platform allows health care organizations to share and analyze data in ways that have not previously been possible, eliminating the technical and regulatory challenges that result from trying to centralize sensitive information and enabling those entities to generate critical insights from distributed and complex data in a highly secure and on-demand manner.”

Signet Accel’s software platform is designed to offers a scalable and cost-effective solution to support secure multi-site data sharing for health systems and researchers and was developed by The Department of Bio-Medical Informatics (News - Alert) at The Ohio State University.

Anthony Manna, chairman at Signet and Ohio State alumnus, added, “Signet and Ohio State share a passion for advancing faculty-developed technologies into the global marketplace. The team from Signet, led by Aaron Bates (chief operating officer) and George Ammar (chief financial officer), worked with Ohio State to advance this technology and develop a model that Ohio State and Signet will use for future opportunities. As an Ohio State alumnus, I am very proud of this collaboration that also benefits my alma mater.” 

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