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Application Usage Management Survey: All Signs Point to Intelligent Devices

March 14, 2014

Application usage management helps ensure companies are optimizing their costs and usage of applications. In a recent survey, Flexera Software, a provider of software license management, software compliance, installation and application packaging solutions, explored best practices and trends for application usage management across a number of executives at application producers and enterprises that use and manage software and devices.

According to the survey, the biggest challenges for manufacturers are related to their ability to minimize costs and maximize agility, followed by reducing time-to-market for creating new products, enhancing their ability to react quickly to changing market needs and reducing manufacturing costs.

In order to overcome these challenges, there is a trend of moving toward intelligent devices, which allow device makers to sell differentiated products and create new revenue streams while simultaneously streamlining the manufacturing process.  The Internet of Things is fueling the growth of intelligent devices, leading to an ecosystem of billions of connected endpoints and IP addresses. Intelligent device manufacturers must evolve products from fixed function and disconnected systems to flexible and seamlessly connected devices.

With these intelligent devices, companies can react more quickly to changing market needs, reduce time-to-market for creating new products and product enhancements, and reduce costs.

However, the survey found that most manufacturers moving to an intelligent device model are not monetizing software they develop for hardware devices, leaving money on the table. In order to maximize their returns from software applications, companies need to monetize the added value that combine software and hardware through flexible licensing and entitlement management. Check out the infographic below for a look at the challenges and other findings from the survey:

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