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Flexera Software Inaugurates New Company Headquarters in Itasca, IL

March 18, 2014

To accommodate its expanding Illinois-based team, Flexera Software has announced that it has relocated the company headquarters from Schaumburg, IL to a 75,000 square foot office in Itasca, IL.

This new location will keep up with the company’s need for space, which will probably grow to more than 300 local employees by the end of the year.

Flexera Software has picked the new space which is double the size compared to the previous headquarters in Schaumburg, IL. The new space is built with open reception area and loft and is planned to nurture collaboration. The new home to Flexera Software is built with workstation groupings, planned into "neighborhoods" to tactically place employees, departments and teams together for enhanced communication and best interaction.

"Flexera Software has been a tech-leader in our district since 2008 and a strong employment engine for our high-tech professionals," said Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, representative for Illinois's 8th Congressional District. "It's a privilege and a pleasure to have one of the fastest growing and successful technology companies in our backyard taking advantage of the incredible talent this district has to offer."

Also, the new space in Itasca has 25 conference rooms ranging from small to large facilities that can house large collaboration teams. Every conference room is accompanied with large flat panel screens or projectors to simplify presentations and sharing work.

"With the continued success and growth of the company, we're committed to attracting the region's smartest and most passionate professionals to join our ranks as we scale to our next level of growth," said Flexera Software President and CEO, Mark Bishof. "We believe this new space is reflective of our success and commitment helping our employees to grow their careers with us."

Since its inception, Flexera Software has been helping application producers and enterprises increase application usage and the value they derive from their software.

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