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Why You Need a Software Licensing Solution

November 30, 2015

Software licensing empowers both independent software producers and intelligent device manufacturers to combat software piracy and increase revenue by easily enabling new pricing, packaging and software licensing and activation models. Software Licensing casts a wide net from strict enforcement to usage-based trust but verify; and enables software protection, monetization and compliance of on-premises, SaaS (News - Alert), cloud, virtualized and embedded applications.

Competition is abound in software licensing and monetization, making it mission critical for software vendors and device manufacturers to get to market faster, and ensure the proper monetization model is place to optimize to many hours and dollars spent on development. It is one thing to exist in this space, it an entirely different story to thrive in a space where recent research illustrates that in a calendar year nearly $63 billion in revenue was stolen. As the market grows, so too does the need for solutions are all-encompassing and flexible software licensing solution.

By leveraging a software licensing solution, application producers can help keep users in compliance, offer flexibility in the monetization products, improves revenue recognition and enables new licensing models (i.e. Saas).

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Software licensing casts a wide umbrella; addressing application readiness, software monetization, software installation, license optimization and security. As the future of business appears to be headed more and more toward a software based world software licensing solutions are necessary to protect one’s property, and ensure users are properly leveraging software.

From the office building I work in and the residence down the street to your new Internet of Things software innovation, software licensing plays a rather large role. More so than simply picking a software licensing solution for the sake of having one, a firm must do their due diligence to ensure down the line the solution is still helping and not hindering operations. In broad strokes, choose a solution that is not costly to maintain and can adapt quickly to changing licensing schemes, markets and models.

Measure twice and cut once, here we can help. Make sure to stop by the software licensing report for your fill of all things software licensing.

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