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SAM and License Optimization Help IT Departments Achieve Frugality

May 05, 2016

IT departments are under massive amounts of pressure to cut costs, operate more efficiently, increase productivity and contribute to organizations’ core business objectives. While these goals may sometimes seem insurmountable, they are definitely achievable. Software asset management (SAM) and license optimization processes can be key tools in helping IT departments become more frugal.

According to Flexera Software, which specializes in SAM and license optimization, implementing these tools can help organizations realize ongoing cost savings of up to 30 percent per year when it comes to their software spending. The company recently published a blog post outlining ways SAM and license optimization processes can help IT departments achieve frugality.

When organizations integrate SAM and license optimization into their normal business routines, software costs are automatically controlled and contained. License management should also be included as part of sign off procedures, ensuring companies are getting the most value out of their software and licenses. Organizations can also adopt a continuous license compliance strategy to sidestep software audits and avoid potential infractions and fees. By ensuring SAM tools are tracking software inventory, application usage data and terms of contract, companies can rest assured that they are operating in compliance while avoiding the manpower, cost and hassle of an audit.

As with most processes, centralizing software procurement and management organizes the process and helps with cost savings and efficiencies. Particularly in large organizations, getting a handle on global software assets and license agreements can go a long way toward streamlining IT departments and helping them operate more efficiently.

Additional steps organizations can take to cut costs include tracking usage so they may reclaim licenses for unused software. Especially in the case of desktop applications, companies are often not making the most use of their software assets. SAM solutions can help track application usage, reclaim licenses and ensure organizations are getting the most mileage out of their software. Advanced solutions are also available to help tackle complex IT architectures and organizational hurdles.

SAM and license optimization tools are paramount to ensuring companies are getting the most out of their software assets. By implementing centralized management solutions, IT departments can realize significant savings, operate more efficiently, leaner and more frugal overall.

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