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University of Central Florida Learns How to Improve Application Deployment

May 24, 2016

Much has changed in business operations now that we’re in the digital age. Not only are we able to work effectively from remote locations, we’re also able to access the network and all necessary files from a mobile device. And when it comes to signing important documents, we no longer need a fax machine or to be in the same physical location to get the job done.

Software licensing solutions company, Flexera Software recently posted a case study on the University of Central Florida and how they saved time with the use of digital technology to streamline processes. In this case, the university relied on AdminStudio and InstallShield as a way to fix and digitally sign new packages and then verify their compatibility before they were deployed to students and faculty.

The university was facing a few challenges, including a lack of visibility into the applications that were actually being used by the business and an inability to keep pace with the frequency in which software vendors release new versions of their offerings. To offset these challenges, the goal was to roll out virtual desktop infrastructure, prioritize security patches, moving to cloud applications and migrating to Windows 10.

In the process of identifying what needed to change, the software licensing company also helped the university to identify that they had more desktop applications than they needed, yet they were running short on mobile applications. As for MAC and cloud applications, an analysis determined the right amount was in place.

With full visibility into the challenges and opportunities, the university put the AdminStudio Suite in place to help identify and fix application compatibility issues, and scope and plan application delivery and ongoing service transitions. With a system management tool put in place to deploy applications for all employee devices, the university put the Microsoft (News - Alert) System Center Configuration Manager in place.

With the AdminStudio Suite in place, the university was effectively able to increase operational efficiency, reduce the cost associated with deploying applications, respond quickly to shifting business priorities and improve the overall quality of service to the business. In the process, the institution saved 30-50 percent of time through automation and delivered applications to the business 75 percent faster than before.

“With AdminStudio, we have successfully been able to repackage previously troublesome applications and browser plugins (OCX) for deployment without any issues. This has enabled us to rapidly update those applications that previously took months to deploy,” said Matthew Kastro, Systems Programmer, University of Central Florida in the case study.

With a keen focus on the needs of the institute, the university was able to leverage software licensing tools that allowed them to not only improve processes, but also speed time-to-delivery. 

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