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Survey: CIOs Focus on IT operations, Cybersecurity

May 26, 2016

Technology has dramatically changed every aspect of the business world, compelling companies to quickly adapt to change in order to remain viable and drive growth. This new tech landscape—with a shift in focus from traditional IT operations to big data, cloud computing and analytics—has certainly impacted the role of the chief information officer (CIO) more than any other business position.

This role requires CIOs to wear several hats: technologist, business leader, decision maker, with experience across multiple departments and disciplines.

With their hands in so many aspects of business function, what is a CIO to focus on for the year ahead? According to CIO’s 15th annual “2016 State of the CIO” survey, dollars are being spent on improving the customer experience (44 percent), increasing operational efficiency (43 percent), and increasing cybersecurity protections (41 percent).

“As CIOs face increasing pressure to digitally transform their business, they must first understand what that, in fact, means,” said Adam Dennison, SVP/Publisher of CIO. “Digital is not just about moving paper files to electronic ones, but rather seizing disruptive business opportunities made possible by cloud computing, mobility and big data.”

With CIOs positioned to link the information flowing in and out of a company, the rise of big data puts them in the important and sometimes shaky position of being the keeper of data, among other critical IT functions.

The focus of the CIO is not on one position, but many. Flexera Solutions is at the forefront of these focal points, helping with IT essentials, security, software, and more.

The company announced a new webinar featuring CIO's Adam Dennison, SVP/Publisher, which will highlight the CIOs priorities for the coming year.

“Today organizations are faced with tactical challenges, replacing aging IT systems, modernizing applications, embracing cloud and mobile technology all while defending against cybersecurity threats and trying to evolving IT delivery models to better meet the needs of their internal customers,” the company wrote in a recent blog post.

With the rise in the importance of IT for all organizations, the stature of the function and that of its head – the CIO – is important, now more than ever. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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