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You Won't Believe the Root Cause of Most Network Vulnerabilities

June 07, 2016

Patches to the network – it sounds like we’re running our data on a pair of blue jeans with big, sticky, iron-on patches that preserved the pants a little bit longer, while also protecting the knees. The idea is similar, even if the application is a bit more high-tech. The goal is preservation, but how do you be sure that the steps taken are the ones that will keep your network safe?

Software licensing solutions provider, Flexera Software recently examined this topic in a company blog post. The highlighted document is the Verizon (News - Alert) Data Breach Report, a yearly publication that that tends to get a lot of attention from the industry – both good and bad. Industry players stepped up and claimed the report was incomplete, misleading and inaccurate.

Of course, this appears to be par for the course – any report on vulnerabilities tends to bring out the naysayers and specialists who can’t seem to agree on the proper methodology or data validation. Following the report is a long list of blogs and articles with gross misinterpretations of the figures, each author aiming to promote his or her own agenda.

The same thing happened with the software licensing solution provider published its Flexera Software Vulnerability Review 2016 in March. While the company does believe that discussion is important and the specialists involved should strive to understand vulnerabilities so as to develop more effective ways to mitigate risks, it’s also important to get real about the central cause of breaches – vulnerabilities in software.

Therefore, the approach to patch management has to be better than the iron-on solution. In essence, this is the low hanging fruit and the one place where your organization can improve quickly with a significant impact on strengthening the environment against the threat of security breaches. If your software licensing is up-to-date and you’re accurately managing your applications and the network security, it’s a natural next step.

To that end, Flexera Software suggests the consideration of a few points if you want to see less effort and more efficiency in your patch management. This requires timely and reliable patch alerts, accurate inventory, integrated processes, flexible packaging systems and streamlined testing procedures. As long as you have these things in place, you’re in a much better position to improve your approach to patch management and keep the network safer in the process.

If you’re tired of the fighting among the experts and just want to make sure you’ve addressed your vulnerabilities, focus on these elements and you’re well on your way to better patch management. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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