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IoT Devices & Related Mobile Apps Need to Map, Deliver Ease of Use

June 15, 2016

We keep hearing about how the Internet of Things is growing by leaps and bounds and that these connected things are going to change all of our lives and businesses for the better. But to do that, IoT devices and applications need to be reliable and easy to use.

As Constant Fischer of Flexera Software notes in a recent blog if you’re a device manufacturer that provides solutions related to building automation, you want to ensure that only the features the device supports are available in the application, and that the apps and devices don’t require a lot of space.

“For example, the application will not have the option to control the shutters if it isn’t enabled on the device,” she notes. “You want to have an easy way of implementing this. You’re not too concerned about security, nor enforcement. For you, it is more important that the application works and doesn’t generate a massive amount of support calls.”

Speaking of IoT apps, in the upcoming third quarter issue of IoT Evolution magazine, Nancy Hua, CEO of Apptimize writes about why we need to improve the IoT app user experience.

“Since the IoT is built on the concept of having more intelligence, IoT apps must also anticipate consumer needs through consistently relevant UX,” writes Hua. “Paired with mobile apps, IoT technologies know a lot about the user, such as geolocation, identity, accelerometer data, along with any information the sensors in the physical object is tracking, and consumers expect this data to be put to good use. If the app appears to ignore information that users deem important (e.g., refusing to unlock a door when it knows a user is nearby), users will start to devalue the app.”

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