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Flexera Releases App Broker 2016 for ServiceNow

August 24, 2016

ServiceNow (News - Alert) develops its Service Portal software to help business find software they need to use in the office and on their employees’ mobile devices. It functions as an app store for both software and services relevant to a number of industries.

The one thing it cannot do alone is handle licensing requirements for those applications and services. Flexera has recognized this limitation and, in order to capitalize on the opportunity this gap in service presents, has released App Broker 2016 for ServiceNow. This new Flexera application works in tandem with Service Portal to allow businesses to select new applications and examine their licenses automatically. App Broker knows whether or not businesses have licenses in their inventory ready to spend on new software, so it makes the process of checking out new apps as easy as clicking through a number of menu items.

Maureen Polte, the vice president of product management at Flexera, commented on the company’s new release:

“App Broker 2016 for ServiceNow plugs right into ServiceNow, effectively allowing it to function as an enterprise app store,” Polte said. “At the same time comprehensive software governance and automation will ensure IT remains in control.”

Businesses of all types look constantly for software integration such as this. Movement to cloud computing means that businesses can get their pick of software, often without even having to download supporting programs aside from web browsers. Individuals can choose to access their companies’ new-found applications from their office desks, on laptops in company meeting rooms, or on their tablets or mobile phones while on the road. Software-as-a-service makes this possible.

While the combination of ServiceNow and Flexera in this instance does not result in a licensing-as-a-service, it comes close in the sense that it automates much of the process of handling software licenses. Users can count on App Broker to make sure that licenses are in place when new applications come into play, and if such licenses are not available, it makes sure that business heads can purchase the licenses they need for employees to get the green light for use.

App Broker even knows the details of each license so there is no doubling down of costs when the same software is used on a laptop and mobile phone. For instance, if an employee wants to use software X on his phone but already has been approved for use on his laptop, App Broker will look into the requirements of application X’s license to see if a single license will allow the same employee to make use of two devices. This can save companies from paying for another deployment they could have used for a separate existing employee or a new hire.

IT departments can also appreciate App Broker for its handling of unused software. When App Broker attaches to Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite, it can reclaim software licenses for applications that employees no longer use. This way, current requests for new software can use the licenses that were once popular but have long faded into stagnation.

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