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LANDESK, Concorde Move Forward with Software License Management

September 28, 2016

LANDESK develops software for businesses’ IT departments so they can track the use of various digital company assets. Regarding the tracking of software licenses, which can be a difficult task even for adept businesses, LANDESK has now boosted its standing in that market with a new partnership with Concorde, a fellow software developer that specializes in software license management.

Through this new partnership, the LANDESK IT asset management (ITAM) suite will gain tools that can understand license models of complicated software that may run on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model and could also be split into various physical and virtual machines, all with multiple users for each type of session. Steve Workman, the vice president of corporate strategy at LANDESK, commented on how the use of Concorde’s experience in this field will help his own customers better understand their use of licenses across many multiple software installations.

“Concorde’s license optimization technology will extend the capabilities of the LANDESK ITAM suite by providing additional entitlement management and decision modeling to help our customers better determine their effective license position,” Workman said. “This partnership joins Concorde’s software licensing expertise to LANDESK’s proven discovery and endpoint asset management capabilities, a collaboration that will deliver industry-leading IT and software asset management.”

TMC (News - Alert) recently laid out the basic complications that any company may find in their use of multiple software packages. First, companies may find that their installations target many employees and that those employees may have varying demands regarding the product to which they have access. As just one example, a midsize enterprise may find that its IT department needs access to Cisco (News - Alert) network management software and that its marketing department makes heavy use of Salesforce. Meanwhile, the sales department may also use Salesforce and, just like all other employees, uses Skype (News - Alert) for inter-office communication, not unlike the persons in sales who make outbound calls and require call recording from a third party that attaches to Skype.

The spread of big names like that is a common occurrence in multi-faceted businesses. Therefore, it is unsurprising that TMC cited a Research and Markets study that predicts the software license management market to rise 8.8 percent between 2016 and 2020. LANDESK is a part of that growing market; Concorde too. And now they are in this growth period together. They have the opportunity to help their clients optimize use of software licenses by keeping track of the employees that make heavy use or no use of specific software packages. Businesses can allocate resources as necessary and also be more informed when it comes time to audit their operations. Meanwhile, they can take better control of their budgets, so everyone in the C-suite and stakeholder camp can gain peace of mind.

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