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Flexera App Portal 2016 Is One Stop Shop for SAM

October 06, 2016

The staggering number of applications available and in use today certainly has benefits, but can also create a giant management hassle in business environments. When employees BYOD for company business, things can get messy quickly for already overburdened IT departments.

Staying on top of software licensing and management can definitely be a challenge for IT departments when so many applications are available and being downloaded and installed on a regular basis. Flexera, a company that specializes in software asset management (SAM) and optimization, has a simple solution to the problem with their App Portal 2016 solution. The company discussed how App Portal applies SAM capabilities to the app store environment in a recent blog post.

App Portal 2016 strives to reduce software costs as well as license compliance risk for all types of organizations. It operates through a self-service interface that enables companies to apply their own governance rules to software downloads and management. The App Portal then automatically checks license requirements to optimize consumption and reduce software costs and audit risk. The solution also regularly enforces license compliance and ensures apps are in line with corporate policies by controlling the distribution of all approved software.

App Portal works by allowing employees to request a new app directly through the portal’s intuitive interface. The solution then scans the contract terms and product usage rights, which are already housed in Flexera’s FlexNet Manage Suite SAM solution. The software determines if a new license is required for the requested app and also ensures companies are maximizing their upgrade, downgrade and exemption rights before consuming a new software license.

The result is that companies can save significant amounts of money on licensing costs, a very attractive prospect. App Portal is also available through any device, wherever employees are located, and offers security via support for most single sign-on (SSO) solutions. For any company consuming a large number of applications over a broad base of employees and devices (which is pretty much most companies these days), SAM solutions are a necessity. Flexera’s App Portal offers a convenient and easy way to reduce costs and manage compliance without inconveniencing employees or placing a heavy burden on IT departments.

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