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Flexera Addresses Open Source Challenges with Palamida Acquisition

November 02, 2016

In a bold business move designed to improve the software supply chain and bridge the gap between software developers and producers and buyers, Flexera Software has made a key acquisition. The company, which specializes in software optimization and monetization, has acquired Palamida, a provider of software composition analysis solutions for open source software.

One of the most dysfunctional elements of the software business at large is the supply chain, and that broken process ultimately hurts software producers and enterprise buyers alike. Flexera is aiming to repair the supply chain, integrating key elements that will ensure licensing compliance, add layers of security and make the entire process more efficient and less expensive. The Palamida acquisition is a major leap for the company toward achieving those goals.

“We estimate that the cost to software producers and their customers as a result of the broken software supply chains is many tens of billions of dollars per year globally,” wrote the company in a recent blog post announcing the acquisition. “And that’s just looking at commercial software. Organizations are only just now beginning to look more closely at the costs and risks of open source – and the scope of the problem is dazzling.”

Helping its enterprise and software developer customers manage the compliance and security risks posed by using open source software is the goal of Flexera’s acquisition. Palamida’s Enterprise Edition products are designed specifically to help companies establish end-to-end solutions for approving, scanning and tracking open source and third-party code within their development projects. The offerings also help companies keep up with licensing requirements as well as stay on top of vulnerabilities.

The Palamida Standard Edition is geared toward companies that require analysis of code content, offering all the scanning and analysis features of the Enterprise Edition. And a Governance Edition focuses on organizations creating compliance programs, with an emphasis on developer disclosure along with request and approval workflow features.

The offerings mesh well with Flexera’s solutions, enhancing its existing software monetization offerings. The addition of Palamida capabilities will enable Flexera customers to preserve their intellectual property by understanding how open source code is used in tandem with their proprietary code. The solutions, when used together, will also offer a bill of materials along with a third-party discloser list to ensure customers have the proper rights for distributing open source software within their products.

Additional benefits include entitlement management, ensuring customers know what they have access to and for how long they may use it. Known open source vulnerabilities are also pinpointed through the joint solutions, flagging customers who need updates and tracking which customers have applied updates.

The widespread use of open source code and software offers massive benefits as well as challenges to software producers. Through its acquisition of Palamida, Flexera is ensuring software developers and producers, as well as their customers, glean the most value out solutions while maintaining compliance.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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