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Flexera App Broker for ServiceNow Helps Companies Track and Maximize App Usage

November 23, 2016

ServiceNow’s (News - Alert) service management platform is perhaps one of the most popular and widely used tools for automating and streamlining enterprise work environments. Flexera Software, a company that specializes in software licensing monetization and optimization, is working to make it easier for customers to maximize the value of their application licenses within the ServiceNow framework.

Flexera’s App Broker for ServiceNow is designed specifically to achieve this goal, through a simple and convenient consumer app store interface. The solution enables employees to request apps from the ServiceNow Service Portal and ensure those requests are fulfilled quickly and automatically. The result is that software license compliance is streamlined and maintained while enterprises may also proactively prevent unlicensed and unauthorized software installations since the entire process is governed and managed.

The App Broker works by automatically populating and maintaining a list of all the authorized apps in the ServiceNow Service Catalog. Apps are then automatically deployed to a variety of end devices via integration with end point management tools. The solution also auto provisions a number of cloud-based applications.

When the App Broker is used with Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite, the solutions enhance the ServiceNow Asset Management (SAM) capabilities by providing software license optimization functionality. Features of the combined offerings include automatic discovery of client and server hardware and software across the entire enterprise landscape, as well as data capture of the software installed on each client and server. The offerings also capture application usage data for desktop and client applications.

The aggregated data and inventory are then streamlined into a list of installed software for each device through Flexera’s Application Recognition Library. The solution can recognize more than 190,000 software titles from more than 16,000 publishers, and labels the software titles, versions and editions installed on each end device.

The ServiceNow platform already creates massive efficiencies and productivity increases in the enterprise through intelligent automation and streamlining. Flexera’s offerings enhance and expand on the solution to ensure businesses maintain licensing compliance and manage and optimize their software licenses to glean maximum value from their investments.

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