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FlexNet Operations Means Smoother Software Licensing

December 14, 2016

Software licensing can be one of the biggest problems a company can face. Buying too many is a waste, and too few is an unexpected expense that will come later on. Trying to keep track of which licenses are about to go stale, meanwhile, can be an even bigger headache than just paying for extra licenses later. The recent Flexera FlexNet Operations 2016 release, however, should go a long way toward keeping companies on the up-and-up and for a lot less effort than before.

FlexNet Operations 2016 includes a complete process for managing automated upgrade operations. That means a smoother overall experience, with software updating as needs require and licenses doing likewise. This means the best in security processes—especially vital for generally vulnerable Internet of Things (IoT) systems—and a better guarantee of recurring revenue for software providers as well.  It would be easy to dismiss this as just a way to get the software provider paid—which it is—but it also helps ensure the best experience for the end user, including updates that arrive promptly.

The system works well on both sides; by automating the renewal process, it helps ensure that software continues to be a revenue-maker while at the same time protects its users. Considering how much software is going into potentially vulnerable IoT systems these days, having an effective software licensing tool can be an important part of protecting against hackers. Throw in a better means to update that software and help protect these often remotely-located systems against potential hacking and the end result is a welcome one for both user and provider.

It's hard to dispute the benefits of such a system; while certainly, software users would likely prefer to get updates for free, the chances of simply losing access to an update isn't a welcome one. Having systems in the field running outdated systems is hardly a welcome proposition either, especially with IoT systems that may have to connect to a network so remotely that surveillance really isn't an option. Certainly, software makers will welcome a more stable revenue stream, but given that software licenses in general have been changing to things like perpetual licenses to further simplify the process, will this leave those dependent on monthly or annual licenses at a loss?

Still, Flexera's system will deliver clear value for those who depend, one way or another, on software licenses. Just how much value, however, is as yet unknown.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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