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A Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Program is the Best Security Defense

January 05, 2017

Cybersecurity should always be a top priority for any organization, but businesses need to take a hardline approach to vulnerability management in 2017 – or risk serious breaches, damage and losses. Vulnerability, the degree to which a company is exposed to cyber threats and other malicious activity, is on the rise and the best way to counter and proactively prevent attacks is through comprehensive threat and vulnerability management.

Flexera Software, a company that specializes in software licensing, management and protection, recently discussed the importance of vulnerability management in a blog post. Although the number of vulnerabilities continues to rise each year, the percentage of those threats with a patch readily available is roughly 85 percent. That means organizations have the means to protect themselves and remediate issues by staying on top of vulnerabilities and their associated patches.

There are a few known factors that can be used as tools to aid in vulnerability management. First off, findings from Verizon (News - Alert) show that the first exploitation of vulnerabilities happens roughly 30 days after a vulnerability goes public. That gives organizations a window in which to identify and patch against threats. There is also a measurable increased risk based on the growth of IoT as well as the popularity of open source and third-party software. Finally, a majority of attacks target applications, along with old and well-known vulnerabilities.

Very simply, by proactively applying patches, companies can beef up cybersecurity and remediate vulnerabilities before hacking or exploitation take place. This process is easier said than done, however, since many organizations have an old-school mentality when it comes to security, vulnerability and patching. In order to truly manage vulnerabilities and beef up security in 2017, companies need to evolve their security practices to meet the demands of today’s evolving technology landscape.

“In the age of cloud and mobility, the old network security practices are no longer enough to ensure the integrity of devices and data protection,” wrote Marcelo Pereira, Product Marketing Manager at Flexera. “For that reason, keeping devices and the applications they run up-to-date is a vital layer of security that can’t be neglected.”

By implementing a comprehensive vulnerability management program that includes proactive patching and keeping software up to date companies can combat the increasing slew of cyber threats and ensure malicious activity is squelched before it becomes a serious problem.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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