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Laura Stotler has written about communication technologies for 14 years, specializing in managed services and VoIP. She has contributed to TMC in a number of capacities as online content director of TMCnet, editorial director of Communications ASP magazine and managing editor of Internet Telephony magazine.

Latest Stories
03/22/2017 SAM Tools Can Help Automate Stakeholder Management Process
03/15/2017 A Truly Flexible Licensing Model Offers Choice and Variety
03/09/2017 Unmanaged Indirect Access to Software Can Create Licensing Headaches
03/07/2017 SAP v. Diageo: Software License Compliance is Two-Way Street
03/03/2017 Comprehensive Approach Required for Software Vulnerability Management
03/01/2017 Unmanaged Open Source Software Creates Risks
02/16/2017 Enterprise SaaS Vendors Need Flexible Licensing Models
01/26/2017 IoT Creates Challenges and Opportunity for Network Monetization
01/19/2017 The Rise of Software Asset Management in the Cloud Economy
01/05/2017 A Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Program is the Best Security Defense
12/30/2016 The Build or Buy Dilemma for Software Monetization
12/29/2016 Speed and Accuracy Critical to Heading off Software Vulnerabilities in 2017
12/21/2016 Software Developers Shouldn't Overlook In-House Licensing and Usage Policies
11/23/2016 Flexera App Broker for ServiceNow Helps Companies Track and Maximize App Usage
11/16/2016 Define Key Metrics to Measure the Success of Software Licensing Optimization Programs
11/10/2016 The Value of Evolving to a Features-Based SaaS Pricing Model
11/04/2016 Everything-as-a-Service Changing Monetization Rules for Manufacturers
11/02/2016 Flexera Addresses Open Source Challenges with Palamida Acquisition
10/26/2016 How IoT is Transforming Manufacturing Production and Monetization Processes
10/06/2016 Flexera App Portal 2016 Is One Stop Shop for SAM
10/05/2016 Software Licensing Models Must Be Flexible to Remain Competitive
09/22/2016 US and UK Enterprises Generating an Alarming $34 Billion in Annual Software Waste
09/21/2016 Software License Reclamation Saves Enterprise $4.5 Million in One Week
09/09/2016 Software Vulnerability Management Lets Businesses Proactively Fight Cybercrime
08/30/2016 Responsible Vendors Provide Customers with License Compliance and Management Tools
08/16/2016 Comprehensive IT Asset Inventory Essential to Avoid Major Financial Risks
08/10/2016 Successful Software Licensing Must Address Economic and Technology Shifts
08/02/2016 Technology and Customer Demand Driving Shift in Software Pricing and Licensing
07/29/2016 Software Vulnerability Management Needs to Take Place Over Entire Lifecycle
07/12/2016 Product Analytics Take the Guesswork Out of Planning and Development
07/08/2016 Why Selling Software is a Losing Proposition in the Age of IoT
06/30/2016 New Survey Reveals 39 Percent of Global Software is Unlicensed
06/17/2016 IoT Vendors Can Also Benefit from Software Licensing
06/07/2016 Federal Guidelines Recommend Software Asset Management to Curb Waste
05/19/2016 Navigating the Move to Subscription Licensing and Recurring Revenue Models
05/05/2016 SAM and License Optimization Help IT Departments Achieve Frugality
04/29/2016 IT Departments Should Take Strategic Approach to Software Asset Management Governance
04/28/2016 Cloud Licensing Servers Important Weapon for Combatting Software Piracy
04/20/2016 Governance a Critical But Often Overlooked Component in IT Operations
02/05/2016 Software Companies Can Go Lean to Improve Efficiencies and Cut Costs
01/06/2016 Vehicle Hacking Highlights Importance of Automated Software Updates
12/09/2015 Technology Trends Set to Disrupt Software Licensing and Pricing Practices
11/24/2015 Flexera Appoints New CEO to Lead Growth and Innovation in Software License Optimization
11/18/2015 BlackBerry Uses Software Monetization to Reinvent Itself as EMM and IoT Player
10/22/2015 The Shift to Virtualization and Software-Defined Networks Brings Licensing Complexities
09/10/2015 GFI Software Enters Licensing Agreement with Africa's Phoenix Distribution
05/27/2015 Oracle Rates Poorly with Enterprise Customers on Ease of Use and Licensing
05/21/2015 SaaS and the Cloud Remove Complexities and Penalties Associated with Traditional Software Licensing
05/05/2015 Budgeting for Shift from Licensing to Subscription-Based Pricing Important Part of Cloud Migration
04/06/2015 Software License Optimization Tools Can Be Useful for Maximizing SaaS Subscription Value
01/07/2015 Microsoft CAL Licensing Has Evolved Thanks to Cloud and BYOD
12/08/2014 How to Avoid a Costly Oracle Audit

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