Electronic Software Delivery

  • Giving your customers easy, self-service access to your products has become table stakes — yet many application producers utilize homegrown solutions that lack sufficient scalability and ties to entitlements that jeopardize revenues. State-of-the-art capabilities reduce costs and ensure revenue recognition.

The challenges: eliminate costs and ensure revenue

  • How can you eliminate significant fulfillment costs for new products and updates?
  • How can you provide your global customers consistently fast, reliable and self-service access to your products?
  • Can you ensure that only customers entitled to an upgrade have access to it and then automatically deliver updates?
  • How can you ensure that you are reliably delivering the latest security patch to all customers?
  • How do you ensure that you are complying with export compliance requirements to avoid getting fined?

The solution: automate entitlement-based software delivery

As the market leader in entitlement management, Flexera Software enables application producers to reduce fulfillment costs, streamline export compliance and protect maintenance revenues. Producers are able to:

  • Eliminate physical fulfillment costs—go green and save up to 3-4% of product revenues by switching to electronic software delivery
  • Protect maintenance and subscription revenues—ensure only customers current on maintenance or on a subscription plan are able to download software, proactively track maintenance expirations to improve renewals and increase cross/up-sell revenues by reporting on customer download activity by product version
  • Improve customer satisfaction—enable 24x7 self-service for customers to download software when they want it while leveraging high performance delivery options for fast download of large files
  • Automate update delivery—proactively push updates and bug & security patches to all customers to protect their software and reduce support costs
  • Ensure export compliance—automate compliance with complex software export regulations, revenue recognition, and data privacy while leveraging tax savings by delivering software from tax-advantaged locations
  • Flexera Software electronic software delivery solutions are SAS-70 certified, proven solutions that automate entitlement-based delivery of software to customers, enabling application producers to go green, eliminate costs and accelerate export compliant revenue recognition while helping their customers get software where and when needed.

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