Software Licensing Featured Articles

  • How to Grow a Software Business
    Software companies are like elevator shafts. They need to get past the highest ceiling in order to grow another floor. Maybe it happens once you've got $15 million in revenue. Or perhaps the breaking point is slightly later. But the ceiling is always a specific rage of revenue or number of employees. This is because, in order to break through a ceiling, you have to change how your software is priced, packaged, and delivered.
  • Microsoft Cloud Looking to Increase Cloud Adoption After XP End-of-Life
    Auriga Consulting Ltd, a consultancy group specializing in data management, information assurance, corporate governance, business process modeling, analysis, ICT and security in the U.K., recently pointed out that the software licensing model of the XP can potentially be responsible for higher migration rates to the cloud.
  • Protecting Hardware from 'Heartbleed' and Other Bugs with Automatic Software, Firmware Patches
    Although the Heartbleed bug was discovered only recently, the mistake that allowed hackers to exploit this vulnerability was made by programmers on New Year's Eve of 2011. This mistake created an open door and, according to reports, everyone from the National Security Administration (NSA) to criminals took advantage of this flaw to break into personal and business systems to obtain classified information.
  • Software Piracy Moving Up on the Priority List in US
    Action is being sought against Chinese manufacturers for using unlicensed software to compete against manufacturers in the U.S. Louisiana and Oklahoma attorneys-general have blamed major producers in China of evading licensing fees, citing that there is an unjust advantage that does not promote fair competition.
  • A Changing Market Requires Adapting New Software Licensing Models
    Gone are the days when you had an office with 10 computers that were stationary, sitting on each desk. When you purchased software, you signed a licensing agreement that would allow you 10 sessions. It was pretty straight forward. In most cases, if you added an eleventh computer, you either extended the license or 10 out of 11 computers could use the software.
  • Flexera Improves Producer Suite to Simplify, Secure Licensing for Developers
    Application developers face a considerable challenge when they're trying to sell their product. With millions of apps currently available for sale on all platforms, getting recognized is as daunting as navigating the rules and regulations that are in place to protect your intellectual property and ensure that you get paid for your hard work.
  • Internet of Things Will Change How Products are Monetized
    Just as the Internet changed business in ways that most people did not initially predict, so too will the Internet of Things change business in ways that we are just starting to be understand. While it is plainly obvious that connecting every device to the Internet will improve things like reporting, one area of the Internet of Things that many have not considered is what it will do to manufacturing and product development.
  • Could Machiavellian Tactics Be Used to Combat Software Piracy?
    Software piracy is a global problem, both moral and financial in nature. Experts estimate that 42 percent of software worldwide is pirated, but Africa's rates are closer to 80 percent for pirated software. In Zimbabwe, that number is a whopping 92 percent.
  • Product Use Rights May Improve Software Reclamation Programs
    It is important to make sure that your company has licenses for the software that your employees use, but not too many licenses, and certainly not for software that is rarely used. Erring on the side of caution may sound like you are avoiding law suits or embarrassing PR nightmares, but the steady, consistent complacency regarding the needless acquisition of occasionally used software can really put a dent in your bottom line.
  • Flexera Software Inaugurates New Company Headquarters in Itasca, IL
    To accommodate its expanding Illinois-based team, Flexera Software has announced that it has relocated the company headquarters from Schaumburg, IL to a 75,000 square foot office in Itasca, IL.
  • Application Usage Management Survey: All Signs Point to Intelligent Devices
    Application usage management helps ensure companies are optimizing their costs and usage of applications. In a recent survey, Flexera Software, a provider of software license management, software compliance, installation and application packaging solutions, explored best practices and trends for application usage management across a number of executives at application producers and enterprises that use and manage software and devices.
  • Audit-based Software Licensing on the Way Out
    Increasingly, audit-based software licensing is not making sense for developers. There are several problems with audit-based licensing. First, an audit approach is prone human error, which can fail to properly account for use. It is easy for copies of software to end up on additional machines and go uncounted, and for users to under-report usage. This has always been an issue. With the rise of new methods of software use, however, ensuring the right amount of licensing is also becoming more difficult.
  • U.S. Department of Defense Signs License Agreement with Adobe
    Adobe recently announced that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has signed a three-year Joint Enterprise Licensing Agreement for the company's Adobe Creative Cloud products, Adobe Acrobat, and capabilities Adobe Experience Manager. Under the licensing agreement, valued at $40.5 million, the DoD will have expanded access to Adobe solutions across branches and departments.
  • Can a Software License Be Too Strict?
    As software distribution changes, licensing and entitlement management evolves as well. One question many independent software vendors have been asking themselves lately is whether to be compliance aware or actually limit the ability of users to go beyond their entitlement.
  • New Software Usage Patterns Demand Better Licensing and Entitlement Management
    From software running in a virtualized environment to cloud-based, on-demand services, the rules of software licensing are changing rapidly thanks to the evolution of how people use and consume software. Licensing has thus been compelled to become ever more complex in order for companies to take full advantage of these changes and not cede market share to others.
  • Software Licensing Comes into Question in Oracle Case
    The U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada has ruled that the software licensing governing Oracle enterprise software did not allow for third-party providers to explicitly or implicitly make copies in order to support or serve Oracle licensees.
  • Ohio State University Signs Exclusive Worldwide Agreement with Signet Accel LLC
    The Ohio State University recently announced that it is partnering with Signet Accel LLC, a new company form by Signet Enterprises. The company will be licensing a portfolio of Ohio State-developed software technologies designed to quicken the health care data sharing process around the globe.
  • Beware of Implied Licensing Implications
    When crafting software licenses, companies need to recognize that they can't easily contract away common sense.
  • Don't Gloss Over Licensing Details
    When it comes to software licensing, the details can be tricky. Lurking in the muddied water of legal jargon can be some very costly provisions that, if not acknowledged, could spell financial disaster for a software vendor. What constitutes permissible use of a company's intellectual property can vary from scenario to scenario, and who owes who money for that use is thus no obvious matter.
  • Mindgrape & Flexera Software Team Up to Take On the Nordic Region
    Whether it's called the Nordic region or Scandinavia, the area that encompasses the countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden has its own set of needs and its own specific culture. But like most places these days, the need for advanced software never really goes away, and to that end, Flexera Software has brought on a new partner in its partner program in the form of Mindgrape AB to help bring Flexera's brand of software solutions to the fore in the region.
  • Comings & Goings: Finjan Holdings Taps Ivan Chaperot to Support IP Licensing Programs
    One of the biggest developing markets these days isn't in a BRIC nation. Rather, it's everywhere, and its impact has been seen in companies from Apple and Samsung to the smallest of entities. The industry is intellectual property (IP) licensing, and it's a field that's been getting a lot of attention these days. Finjan Holdings is no different on this front, and as such, has brought in former Intel executive Ivan Chaperot to serve as the company's newly-minted vice president of IP licensing.
  • The Software Revolution Calls for New Business Models
    Software is increasingly infiltrating every part of our daily lives. From cell phones and cars to appliances and televisions, it seems that every product has some sort of underlying software running underneath. Thus, in an age of "smart" everything, every company is slowly but surely becoming a software company. This goes for service-based industries as well, such as the financial, entertainment, and healthcare verticals, whose operations are increasingly being run and delivered via software or over the Web.
  • The Key to Software Licensing Success Is in the Approach
    As commercial enterprises continue to migrate toward the cloud, the approach to software licensing comes into question. How do these assets apply, how can developers get paid and how many rights does the user have under this new directive? For those hoping to ensure they get the most out of their software development investments, the type licensing scheme put in place can make a big difference.
  • Flexera Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Market Share Growth
    Flexera Software has been recognized by research firm Frost & Sullivan for its growth in the software-enforced segment of the software monetization market over the last couple of years. In particular, Flexera has been awarded the 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan Market Share Leadership Award for ultimately capturing the highest market share by revenue in the segment last year. The award also recognizes the company's continued strong growth in the face of flat revenue in the software market it serves.
  • Excel Software Introduces Three Self-Hosted License Servers
    Excel Software, a developer of tools to design, build, protect and activate Mac and Windows software, has announced the release of three self-hosted License Server products: Desktop License Server, Web License Server and Cloud License Server. These servers offer license activation and management tools for organizations that sell digital products such as applications, libraries, plugins, e-books, videos, PDFs, spreadsheets and games.
  • How Can You Leverage Software Licensing Benefits in the Internet of Things?
    When it comes to the information highway - we've come a long way. In the 90s, we were amazed by this thing they called the Internet, and all of our favorite shows had a website. They were so proud of this fact they told us how to find it during an episode, flashing the URL at the bottom of the screen. Of course at the time, we didn't know the "www" address had such a name.
  • Clustrix's SQL Database See Success with New Software Licensing Model
    Clustrix, a provider of SQL database solutions for the cloud, says ClustrixDB, its database solution designed to deliver real-time analytics on live operational data, is gaining traction with its new software licensing model.
  • Connected Devices Get Safer and More Profitable with FlexNet Connect 2014
    With more and more devices out there able to connect to the Internet, a host of new possibilities has emerged in terms of making things more efficient and smooth-running overall. But with that potential for improved profitability has come a set of risks: the devices that connect may not enjoy the same level of protection as other devices do, and that makes these devices potential fail points for network security. But Flexera Software may have the answer to allow connected devices to not only produce new revenue but also stay safe from potential attacks with its new FlexNet Connect 2014.
  • Effective Software Licensing a Must in the Internet of Things
    For those in the software business, the focused migration toward cloud-based technologies didn't bode well. The increased competition ensured profit margins were at a minimum and the globalization of standards and technologies have made it harder to succeed. Software licensing took on its own complexities, and if not for the dawning of the "Internet of Things," the future may have been bleak.
  • FlexNet Manager for SAP Helps Save Vallourec Time and Money
    Flexera Software, a provider of application license management solutions, was selected by Vallourec, a provider of premium tubular solutions in the energy market, to help handle its ongoing software licensing compliance. In particular, Vallourec has implemented FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications to optimize its SAP software estate.
  • 5 Product Activation Alternatives for Disconnected Environments
    Software companies operate in an increasingly complex business environment. Virtualized environments now allow businesses to operate applications both on-premises and off-premises, and cloud licensing thus comes in a range of models that can be difficult to track.
  • GTT Group Releases MIPS Patent Study
    GTT Group, a provider of patent analysis and transaction advisory services to information and communication technology companies worldwide, is offering a value guide for parties interested in acquiring the MIPS Patent Portfolio. The patented MIPS technology is applicable to mobile device chip architecture, memory, processor design and manufacture.
  • Software Licensing Trumps the Traditional Approach
    Software integration across multiple platforms and solutions is a common occurrence, especially with the increasing adoption of cloud computing. This creates both challenges and opportunities for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers, especially where software licensing is concerned.
  • Survey Says Software Licensing Audits Can Be 'Time-Consuming,' 'Disruptive'
    Sometimes, it's better when things are not too complex. For instance, complexity is a "major barrier" when it comes to licensing compliance as it relates to software audits, according to the recent Express Metrix Software Audit Industry Report.
  • What Must be Included in Software Licensing
    Software licensing is in place for a reason; it protects the company that developed the software and it instructs the purchaser as to how that software can be used. It also provides the guidelines by which the vendor has to abide to deliver on the agreement between the two parties and sets boundaries as to how the software can be used.
  • BYOD and Enterprise App Stores Can Create Unexpected Software Licensing Risks
    The results of a recent "Application Usage Management Report" published by Flexera and IDC show that BYOD and enterprise app stores can carry unanticipated software license compliance risks.
  • Unify Debuts Enterprise Licensing
    Unify, formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications, has launched its new, simpler user-based licensing program known as Enterprise Licensing. The program aims to offer users clearer pricing options, making it easier for them to plan and manage their UC purchases.
  • How Entitlement Management Helps the CRO Achieve Success
    Software producers have experienced considerable change in a market with a history of ups and downs. With the consistent push toward cloud computing, the demand for on-premises software investments has changed, putting more pressure on strategy development and a new focus on entitlement management.
  • Your Software is in the Cloud - Does Licensing Still Matter?
    The rapid migration of applications and data to the cloud has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for companies leveraging this strategy. They gain access to more resources, reduce the cost of operations, and shift the responsibility of hardware installation, upgrades and maintenance to the cloud solutions provider. As a cloud-software vendor, it's easy to assume that software licensing issues are no longer a worry.
  • Agiloft Announces Availability of License Lifecycle Management Solution
    Agiloft, Inc., a provider of business process software, recently introduced its new enterprise-class application for license lifecycle management. Officials explained that the Agiloft's LLM solution is pre-integrated with Flexera, Echelon, LUM, and PC Guard. It is designed to help companies that issue licenses to easily generate, renew and manage licenses throughout their entire lifecycle.
  • Forbes Media Licenses Web Publishing Software to ALM
    Forbes Media recently announced that it has entered into a technology agreement with ALM, a provider of legal and real estate news and information. Under the agreement, Forbes will license its Falcon software to ALM, which will be responsible for powering the main ALM website,
  • How to Deliver the Best Upgrade Experience for Your Customers
    Keeping applications and supporting software up-to-date is not necessarily at the top of users' priority lists when it comes to exciting things to do for the day. For software vendors and smart device manufacturers, however, this process is critical to continued monetization and entitlement management. What, then, are the best practices to ensure customers can launch updates and upgrades that meet with your software licensing requirements?
  • PeachWorx Unveils New Licensing Initiative for Power Management Software
    Have you ever wondered how long power management software takes to get a return on investment? With an Unlimited TaskForceCO2 Site License weighing in at less than $500 it should be pretty quick.
  • Flexera a Great Place to Work, Says Chicago Tribune, Again
    While for many people these days, the idea of finding work alone is an ongoing quest, there are still places that are out to keep valued employees that power the operation forward. Flexera Software is one such company, as it has not only taken honors from the Chicago Tribune's recent Top 100 Workplaces study, but has done so for the second year running.
  • Microsoft's Licensing Program Changes May Cost More for Some Companies
    Microsoft's new Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) licensing program is supposed to streamline options, making it easier and simple for companies to license the company's applications and infrastructure. But simplified doesn't necessarily translate to less expensive, according to industry leaders.
  • Firms Moving Away from Hardware and Toward Software-Based Solutions
    Hardware vendors are quickly moving away from being about hardware and more about providing solutions.
  • Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Picks Flexera Software to Help Manage BYOD, Consumerization of IT Strategies
    Flexera Software, a maker of application usage and licensing management software, has announced that Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in England has purchased Flexera's App Portal and AdminStudio to help manage its BYOD and "consumerization of IT."
  • Nokia and Samsung Quietly Renew Licensing Deal
    Patent issues have always been something of a bone of contention, between major companies going at each other over various patents-Apple and Samsung come pretty readily to mind in the field of patent litigation-and the various non-practicing entities (or "patent trolls", for those who prefer the term) that own a set of patents and not much else, there's quite a bit going on in the field of software and hardware patents. One of the latest go-rounds in the field seems to have been settled quietly, amicably, and not just a bit mysteriously in the form of Nokia and Samsung's patent settlement.
  • Why Software Licensing Can Benefit from the Internet of Things
    Are you into the Internet of things? If you haven't heard this phrase, you will. Machine-to-machine communications are gaining attention in the global market and the evolution towards the "Internet of things" is a primary focus for Flexera Software. The software licensing company thus recognizes the business opportunities that continue to expand for businesses in all industries.
  • Smart Device Manufacturers Missing Opportunities to Monetize Apps
    Software licensing solutions provider Flexera Software, along with the folks at IDC, took it upon themselves to survey industry professionals to get some insight into the overall software licensing cycle.
  • Unlicensed Software Counts for 10 Percent of Lost Revenue, Report Finds
    Tax, audit and advisory firm KPMG has released a report that says the use of unlicensed software accounts for at least 10 percent of lost revenue for software companies.
  • Flexera's InstallAnywhere 2013 Offers Broader Installation Support
    Software license management solutions provider Flexera Software has introduced some major enhancements to its multiplatform installation development solution, InstallAnywhere. This latest update, dubbed InstallAnywhere 2013, is meant to help software vendors, intelligent device manufacturers and their customers support the latest operating systems, as well as better manage installations within complex physical, virtual and cloud-based environments.
  • In Spite of Confusion Among CIOs, Microsoft Says No to Changing Its Licensing
    Microsoft has no plans to make changes to its licensing, according to CEO Steve Ballmer, who recently spoke at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013 in Orlando, Fla. The announcement is a disappointment to those who feel that the company's licensing programs are too complex, making them difficult to comply with.
  • How to Design a Software Licensing Strategy That Caters to Users and Developers
    In the corporate environment, it's easy to align initiatives and guidelines according to the industry or the needs of the business. When it comes to software applications within the user environment, guidelines often focus on industry standards and corporate goals. The design of business software licensing management policies, however, is likely to be more successful if they align with user behavior first.
  • The Importance of Choosing the Right Open Source License
    Developing successful software is not just about the code. The code can be brilliant and revolutionary, but if the wrong software license is attached to it then the code can go nowhere.
  • SOTI Looks to Simplify Mobile Device Management with User-Based Licensing Model
    SOTI, a provider of technology and solutions to support mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) adoption in enterprises, announced updates to its mobile device management solution, MobiControl.
  • IGEL to Offer UD Range with New Simpler Firmware and Licensing Model
    IGEL Technology, a thin client manufacturer in Germany, has taken a step to further serve its clients. Beginning October 2013, IGEL will offer its Universal Desktop range (UD) with a new, simpler firmware concept and licensing model.
  • How to Protect Revenue Streams in a New World of Technology
    Maximizing revenue opportunities is a common focus for companies in business to make money. For those in software, it is software licensing that ensures ongoing revenue streams, thus requiring that the proper agreements are in place to guarantee payments. This also requires the use of the right mechanisms to capture revenues throughout the software lifecycle.
  • Flexera Unveils FlexNet Manager for Oracle
    Flexera Software took off to sunny Florida for a grand unveiling of its new FlexNet Manager system for Oracle, which took place at the Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit in Orlando recently. FlexNet Manager offers a service that will likely prove useful, especially for larger offices seeking to keep software licensing costs down, as FlexNet Manager for Oracle offers a complete Software License Optimization system.
  • Software Developers Need to Mind Indemnity
    When it comes to code, indemnity can be a tricky thing.
  • Cloud License API in Safe Activation Service 3 Announced
    Excel Software has recently introduced its Cloud License API in Safe Activation Service 3 for mobile app developers.
  • Many Enterprises Unprepared for Continual Software Migration
    Until the cloud and virtualization entered the game, enterprise software migration played by a pretty consistent set of rules. Of course, the rules have now changed, as many companies find themselves in an awkward spot, according to a new Application Usage Management Survey from Flexera Software and IDC.
  • How Entitlement Management Ensures Proper Royalty Payments in Software Licensing
    The transition to an always-on environment, where we have access to the latest technologies regardless of our location, has been well received by the busy consumer. For the software company that relies on software licensing to drive revenue, the adoption of the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform changed the playing field. Now, entitlement management must be deployed to ensure royalty payments are honored.
  • Pay-as-You-Go Access Offered to Latest Autodesk Desktop Software
    3D design software leader Autodesk has announced the pay-as-you-go access to its latest Autodesk desktop software on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
  • Flexera Software Hires New Vice President
    Flexera Software, a provider of application usage management software, has recently appointed Sabine Fischer as the new Vice President of Services & Solutions Engineering, EMEA.
  • Why an Entitlement Management System is Better for Software Licensing
    When running a business, it can be challenging to stay on top of the different elements that must be in place for standard practices to be in line and compliance to be met. This means not only being able to satisfy the needs of the customer base, but also ensuring streamlined operations so as to protect profit margins.
  • Cloud Services Raise New Legal Issues
    While the exploding popularity of cloud computing is making the technology more conventional, historically it is still an unconventional service.
  • IRS Gets Audited: Software Licenses a Huge Issue
    It's not every day that we hear about the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) getting audited, and it's also not every day that the IRS gets called on the carpet, either. But a recent audit of the IRS showed that it's got some very big terms of keeping up its software licenses.
  • Virtual Appliances Open up Market Opportunities for Manufacturers
    The existing model that appliance manufacturers have used for smaller deployments has been the 1U appliance. This of course had not delivered the same capacity as the larger appliances that run on carrier-grade infrastructure, but it got the job done for small operations.
  • NAKIVO Debuts Cloud Provider Program with Per-VM Software Licensing
    NAKIVO, a California-based provider of data protection products for VMware virtualized environments, recently unveiled its Cloud Provider Program with Per-VM Licensing for managed services, cloud and hosting providers.
  • How Software Licensing Evolves in Oracle 12
    When relying on enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to help manage the build and delivery of physical goods, organizations depend on robust software. When that software starts to become dated, software licensing policies dictate a change to the next iteration if performance standards are to be met. In moving from Oracle 11 to Oracle 12, there are a few challenges to overcome to ensure the right business processes are in place to manage the software business.
  • Usage-Based Licensing About More than Cost Savings
    The usage-based licensing model is one of many possible software licensing models that developers can leverage, but with it also can come a whole new software usage paradigm. This paradigm can drive new processes for clients and deliver added income for the software developer.
  • VirnetX Signs Cross Licensing Agreement with Avaya
    Internet security software and technology company VirnetX Holding Corp. has signed a new Patent License Agreement with Avaya Inc., a global provider of business communications and collaboration systems.
  • Smart Devices Made Smarter, Thanks to Embedded Licensing
    Embedded software is evolving as the proliferation of smart devices increases. Embedded systems are, essentially, becoming our every day computers. Our mobile devices are smarter thanks to built-in Web browsers while our cars are smarter with their ability to call for help or program a favorite satellite radio station.
  • Gen-i Partnering with Flexera to Offer Software License Management in New Zealand
    Gen-i has announced that it is partnering with Flexera to bring Flexnet Manager Suite to New Zealand.
  • Flexera Software Becomes Platinum Sponsor of M2M Evolution Conference
    Flexera Software, a provider of application usage management software, has signed on as a platinum sponsor of TMC's M2M Evolution Conference and Expo.
  • Brooks Kushman Launches Open Sourcing Management Practice Group
    Brooks Kushman P.C. recently announced that it has started an Open Sourcing Management (OSM) practice group with an aim to tackle the speedy development of open source software, or OSS, in consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive and industrial systems. Brooks Kushman's OSM will help organizations to not only understand and choose OSS but also to comply with OSS license terms.
  • Top 9 Software Licensing Mistakes
    Software licensing is more complex than ever, and most businesses are spending more on software than is necessary. Since even savvy businesses can easily get tripped up when it comes to software licensing, here are nine common mistakes the enterprises make when it comes to software licensing.
  • Dell Simplifies Software Audits with New Version of Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance
    Dell has unveiled the latest version of its Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance, a flagship product in Dell Software's endpoint systems management portfolio, designed to simplify the task of responding to software audits.
  • Licensing Laziness Increasingly Spoils Software Use
    Free software does not mean free of costs. This was the argument from Microsoft and many other commercial developers when open source software became a business trend. Yes, open source software was free. That did not mean that there were not costly hassles associated with it, however.
  • License Key Lost? Boost Software Releases Video on How to Replace Missing License Key for DriverBoost Pro
    Boost Software is a provider of PC software solutions and offers free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. In order to ease the use and adoption of the various libraries, the company has standardized licenses under which the libraries are made available to users. The Boost Software License specifies the terms and conditions of use for those Boost libraries that it covers.
  • Making Sense of Software Licensing
    Software licensing is a complicated issue. There are many challenges associated with this topic, and it is up to IT professionals to address these challenges and be cognizant of their role in keeping businesses compliant.
  • Asigra Shifts to Recovery-Based Licensing
    The growth of data is just too fast, and as customers back up more data, the cost goes up and up. Customers are constantly looking for discounts, which is introducing a sea of challenges for the industry.
  • Microsoft to Jazz Up Dynamics CRM Online to Compete With
    Microsoft will offer tiered pricing and flexible licensing with its next release of Dynamics CRM Online. The move, insiders say, is designed to make Dynamics CRM Online more competitive with
  • Software as a Service is Splitting the Software Business Model
    PwC's "Global 100 Software Leaders" is a market research study that details many of the changes in the software industry, both quantitatively as well as through interviews with the giants that steer the industry. One of the more salient points in the study was how "Software as a Service (or "SaaS") is changing the way software companies do business, from software engineers to sales teams, from service plans to steadier revenue.
  • Flexera Announces Cloud-Based Software License Management Suite
    Flexera, a provider of software license management solutions, has announced a cloud-based version of its FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises.
  • Constructing a Software Price Waterfall
    There's a saying that goes, "don't go chasing waterfalls," but that doesn't exactly make sense if you're trying to get to one, especially since waterfalls don't run, so there's not much of a need to chase one in the first place. A price waterfall, however, is something worth aiming for, by design and calculation.
  • Four Ways to Reduce Shelfware
    At almost every job I've ever had, there's been a graveyard of software no longer used. This graveyard might be in a server room, hidden away in a closet, or more likely it is scattered throughout the desks of officemates, sandwiched between reference books they also do not use.
  • Microsoft's TechNet Subscription Service Goes the Way of the Zune
    Microsoft has a reputation for being something of a dinosaur in today's mobile-focused world, but the company still isn't afraid to streamline its operations and ditch older products and services if needed. Perhaps the most famous example of this was the discontinuation of the Zune media player back in 2011. Now, another Microsoft offering is going the way of the Zune: the TechNet subscriptions service.
  • iAXCESS to Deliver Symantec ExSP Solutions in the Middle East
    iAXCESS announced last week that it had become an official provider of Symantec's ExSP Licensing program in nine Middle Eastern countries. The benefits of the program that stand out the most are its flexibility and monthly subscription plans.
  • BYOD Poses Challenges for Software Licensing
    Many headaches have been created by the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, although companies are finally starting to get a grip through formalized BYOD policies and mobile device management (MDM). A study found that while only 44 percent of businesses had a formal BYOD policy in 2012, up to 94 percent of businesses planned to implement one in 2013.
  • Software Licensing Leads to Better Marketability for SDN
    Software defined networking, or SDN, is a pretty young technology trend that has made networking slightly more interesting than it was before. The hype surrounding it, however, is not exactly clear to everyone. SDN, simply put, bridges the gap between applications and networks to enable the consumption of network services by providing visibility and control to the applications. So, what does this mean for vendors and how can they capitalize on this?
  • To Reduce and Optimize Software License Expenses, Univa Launches License Orchestrator Integrated with Univa Grid Engine
    Univa, data center automation company and developer of Grid Engine, recently announced that it has launched its License Orchestrator, which will be used to provide license management through Univa Grid Engine. The Univa Grid Engine is a distributed resource management software platform.
  • Developers Should Watch Their Indemnity Clauses
    Indemnity clauses are common in software licensing agreements, but their implications are not always well understood.
  • Flexera Study: Organizations are Not Prepared for Virtual Software License Compliance Risks
    Proper and fair monetization of intellectual property is, without question, of utmost importance for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers. Ensuring that their business is paid appropriately for the use of its products and services requires careful legal foresight and financial thought. With the expansion of cloud, mobile, and Web technologies, the software licensing space has become even more complicated, wrought with new challenges and hurdles that, according to new research from Flexera Software, many organizations are not prepared for.
  • Why Software Licensing Without Strategy Leads to Missed Opportunities
    The software licensing process is one that can take significant time when done correctly. IT managers need to verify that they have the right permissions and support in place, while the organization providing the support must pay close attention to the promises made.
  • Flexera Software Launches InstallShield 2013
    Application usage management provider Flexera Software has launched the latest version of its InstallShield installation development solution. InstallShield 2013 boasts a number of improvements over previous versions of the software, namely simpler preparation and installation of applications in both 64-bit and virtual environments, as well as "Microsoft's latest platforms," namely Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Properly Licensed Software Benefits Business and the World
    For software vendors and intelligence device manufacturers, proper software licensing is extremely important. Effective monetization models and efficient compliance management solutions have grown increasingly necessary in order to sufficiently protect intellectual property and assure proper compensation for developers. This, of course, is paramount to the success of software producers. But did you know that proper software licensing is also extremely beneficial to national economies?
  • Cisco Takes Software Licensing in a New Direction
    Software licensing is a necessary aspect of the corporate environment. The owner of the patent needs to be paid for their innovation, and the company licensing that innovation should be liable for payment. But what happens if the company is paying for more licensing than they are actually using, or the other way around. The process can get complicated and inefficient, putting the company and the provider in a bind.
  • Verbal Software Licenses: Yes, They're Real
    Maximizing software revenues hinges on customer compliance with license agreements. With the explosion of the cloud, Web, and mobile applications, it is becoming increasingly complex for software developers to find flexible and effective ways to fully monetize their intellectual property. Software vendors be forewarned: Software licensing is even trickier than you may have imagined.

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Per this new Gartner research report, "The 'Internet of Things' turns all hardware and appliance OEM vendors into software providers. Licensing and entitlement management technology serves as the key mechanism that enables these manufacturers to protect and monetize the embedded intellectual property running as software on these connected devices or the external software applications associated with them..." Download Infographic

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable … and Business Smart

The New World of Global Electronic Software Distribution: Sophisticated, Scalable... and Business Smart
Much of the focus in the software world is on building the applications. However, the software delivery experience for users across the world is the first impression and an important moment. Smooth downloads leave a good impression. Problem downloads leave a poor impression, even before the product is used...

Application Usage Management Survey

Application Usage Management Survey
Despite the massive growth and evolution of the enterprise software industry, independent software vendors (ISVs) have largely failed to implement automated software licensing and entitlement management systems across their product lines, and their failure to modernize is hurting business...

Software License Compliance Management: Optimizing Software Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Software License Compliance Management: Optimizing Software Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
Throughout this white paper we examine the pros and cons of traditional compliance management approaches, the impact technology has on compliance management...

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